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Gas Logs

So, you have a fireplace and are tired of cutting wood? We can help you decide what application best suits your taste. Whether it is a vented or un-vented set that best suits the results you are looking for, we are confident that your selection will provide many years of comfort and ambience to your home. Over 1,000 local customers have trusted Plantation Propane, Inc. with their gas log needs.

We also know that from time to time it is very important that standard service is required to maintain the efficiency and performance in which the logset you selected was designed to operate. We offer this service and know that you will appreciate the fact that your logset can look as good 10 years from now as it did the day you first installed it.

**It should be noted that Plantation Propane, Inc. and the manufacturers do recommend you have your logset serviced annually in order that they provide you with optimum performance and enjoyment during the cold winter months.

Since fireplaces and logsets do provide an ignition source as well as set, local building and fire codes will determine what is allowed in your specific geographic area and the room in which you intend to install the appliance. Our knowledgeable staff can help make sure you make the right decision for your needs.

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