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Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

If you are unfamiliar with Tankless Water Heaters as a way to provide your hot water needs, stop by one of our showrooms for more information on how these units are quickly becoming the preferred choice in how water is heated.

In short, Tankless Water Heaters only heat water on demand--- when a hot water point of use is activated. Instead of heating water 24 hours a day you heat water only when you need it. Why heat today what you will not use until tomorrow?

These units are considered a “Green Appliance” and are also qualifiers for various rebates, incentives and Tax credits.  These programs and Tax credits are outside of our control but you can count on us to always know when a prospective Tankless customer can save money on the initial purchase.

With these water heaters having a 12 year limited warranty, a  20 year life expectancy when maintained properly, it is easy to see why many of our customers have switched to Tankless for their water heating needs. 

Plantation Propane Inc. is a local leader with the manufacturers who we buy Tankless Water Heaters from, with that in mind you can count on us, this product and our manufacturers to be there for the initial sizing  time to long after the installation is complete. We demand superior performance and high quality products that will serve our customers well.  You can depend on both Rinnai and Noritz to produce that same type product, with these warranties and life expectancies,  we plan to be in the Tankless Water Heating business with Rinnai and Noritz for a long time…….shouldn’t you consider this as well?  We think so.  



Conventional Water Heaters

As we have always done, we still provide prompt and dependable service for conventional Gas Water Heaters.  At Plantation Propane Inc., we look forward to continuing to serve your water heating needs.