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Whether your farm or plantation is small or consists of thousands of acres, we're dedicated to providing you with safe Propane gas solutions for all your agricultural needs. You can depend on the Big Dog to supply Propane gas tanks, Propane gas heaters and Propane cylinders for the following daily Propane gas needs:

- Powering farm equipment
- Crop drying
-Tobacco curing
- Poultry Heating
- Flame weeding
- Emergency Generators

If you're a farmer located in South Georgia or North Central Florida, You can count on us for the propane gas tanks, propane gas heaters and propane cylinders you need to do business!

Industrial / Commercial

At Plantation Propane, We believe in building our business by developing long-term relationships that provide a benefit for our customers. Whether it's Propane for powering your forklift or providing heat solutions for your facility we offer both on site storage and dependable delivery of Propane for all your business needs. We also have many customers who prefer to lock in a price for the year, This allows them to know what their overheads and expenses for Propane will be in a stable manner for a given year. If this is something you feel your operation may be interested in knowing more about, Please give us a call.