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Cylinder Exchange

Residential and Recreational

Plantation Propane has many locations across the Southern region of Georgia and the North Central portion of Florida. We handle 20 lb. cylinders for home grilling and fish cookers, Unlike many of our competitors we also have 30 lb. cylinder exchange available for you camping enthusiasts. While we offer cylinder exchange for your convenience, please know that we do still fill cylinders on the spot at our offices if you prefer.

*Short Filling of 20 lb. residential and recreational Cylinders*:

You may have seen some of the news on TV about this issue. It is true. Some of the national competitors are filling under a term known as short filling, This means that they are only filling the cylinder to a net 15 lb. volume of product. At Plantation we still fill to net 17 lbs. volume in our cylinders which is the maximum allowed by law, Our position on short filling is that while it may be lega,l if the cylinder is marked appropriately, our customers expect cylinders to be full when they swap them out. You will always get the maximum legal amount in a Plantation Propane cylinder.

Commercial and Industrial

We also offer commercial services for forklifts , buffers and other portable equipment using Propane as their power source. Your equipment will always be ready to run when Plantation is keeping an eye on your cages and cylinders, We know that dependable service and product availability is what you count on to maintain your commercial and industrial operating schedules.

Not happy with your current provider ? We would be happy to give you a quote for our services ! 800-273-5656