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Cylinder Exchange

We know it is not always convenient for you to wait to have a cylinder filled, that’s why we began our cylinder exchange division.

We believe we should be giving customers what they expect—a full cylinder so you don’t have to make needless runs to the cylinder cage to keep your grill or cooker running.

Plantation Propane Inc. can also provide you with Forklift cylinder gas and Floor Buffer cylinders at your commercial or industrial facility. We run the route and you can forget about the headaches associated with running to the dispenser when you need product. Whether you need two per month or 20 per week, we will accommodate your needs.

We are always looking for new customers to add to our route. If you are having trouble with a current supplier or you are not being serviced like you need to be, then give us a call. Our business is to serve you and we look forward to the opportunity.

Turnkey / Custom Installations

We work with homeowners and contractors to accommodate both custom and turnkey installations to make getting that gas appliance or project installation that you desire a one call order for you.


We provide contract pricing for large volume commercial and agricultural users

Sales and Service

Plantation Propane offers complete service of all goods and products we sell.